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Surf & SUP board lockers

The flexible solution for worry-free water sports

Along the great coastlines of America, there are countless places where people take their surfboards into the water in search of the most beautiful waves. In addition, supping is becoming increasingly popular and in more, sometimes remote places, SUP boards are a great addition to explore the area.

How can we ensure that surfboards can be stored safely and easily? Most boards are heavy and not easy to transport.

What if an automated system is available at, for example, a touristic place to provide people with SUP or surfboards…? We offer the solution: A fully autonomous system that can accommodate 14 boards and serve as storage and rental hub.


➡️ 10Ft container setup (instead 20ft for easier transport)
➡️ Outside dimensions container: 49.49 inch x 118.1 inch x 110.2 inch
➡️ Fits 14 sup or surf boards
➡️ Contains integrated user & payment terminal
(can be skipped if app is the payment and reservation tool)
➡️ QR-code, pincode or RFID operated
➡️ Highest quality materials

We offer a completely automated, mobile locker system that is used in numerous applications all around the world.

We focus on smart and innovative applications in which the locker is used as a starting point in a broader servicemodel.

We offer the possibility to become our partner. We always look for a customized approach to join forces and strengthen each other.