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Our solutions

We deliver both mobile and permanent locker systems that are used in numerous applications all over the world.

The innovative core of our units is the multifunctional terminal: a bank vault, combined with hi-tech hardware, that can interact with third party software through our API. This way the locker is used as the starting point in a broader service model.

Robust, modular smart locker systems with all the software possibilities you can think of.

Our mobile solutions:

✅ Beach and public spaces
✅ Events & Festivals
✅ Charging lockers
✅ Surf & Supboards

Permanent Solutions:

✅ Smart city
✅ Airport & public transport
✅ Parcel delivery

We offer a completely automated, mobile locker system that is used in numerous applications all around the world.

We focus on smart and innovative applications in which the locker is used as a starting point in a broader servicemodel.

We offer the possibility to become our partner. We always look for a customized approach to join forces and strengthen each other.