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Parcel lockers

Convenient, affordable, accessible. Your own outdoor parcel locker.

✅ Always available and affordable

Your business is open 24/7 for delivery and collection without anyone having to be present, inexpensive and simple: Click & Collect!

✅ Easy installation

Delivered ready-to-use, installed and linked to your (current) system.

✅ 24/7 and contactless access

By means of a QR code, customers pick up their products when it suits them.

How does it work?

Imagine, your business open 24/7 for pickups and deliveries without anyone having to be present. That is as cost effective, convenient and easy as it seems: Click & Collect!

1️⃣ Prepare the order. After the online purchase, you place the products in your Collibree
2️⃣ Safe and accsible in the locker. A notification and code is automatically sent to the customer
3️⃣ Flexible and contactless

The customer collects their purchase when it’s convenient.

We offer a completely automated, mobile locker system that is used in numerous applications all around the world.

We focus on smart and innovative applications in which the locker is used as a starting point in a broader servicemodel.

We offer the possibility to become our partner. We always look for a customized approach to join forces and strengthen each other.