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Beach & public spaces

Enjoy a carefree swim together while your valuables are safely stored.

User friendly and completely automated mobile units specifically geared towards beaches and other public spaces such as parks, sport facilities and boulevards.

Wherever our lockers are installed, users can safely do any sport or leisure activity, carefree. The system allows them to access the purchased or acquired locker all day long and enjoy high speed WIFI in the vicinity of the unit. The unit is vandal-proof, mobile, custom made of high grade material, offers unique and user friendly software and can be powered by green energy.

Smart lockers at any outdoor location

➡️ Innovative, fully automated lockers
➡️ User-friendly to operate
➡️ Robust and customizable hardware
➡️ Different payment methods available in 120 countries: card, cash, mobile application, NFC, vouchers, and more
➡️ Cloud monitoring with real-time occupancy rate
➡️ 24/7 remote locker access
➡️ Easily integrated with third-party APIs
➡️ Possible key carriers: QR code, symbol flow, RFID
➡️ Plug & play functionality for on or off-grid use
➡️ All weather proof

Easy to transport

Although our units come in different sizes, we make sure they are built in such a way that they are easy movable and easy to transport on road and sea lanes. The plug and play mobile beach locker units can be installed in less than 30 minutes and you are ready to go.

Thanks to the unique Mobile Locker knowhow we are able to offer strong and robust units that are made of the finest alloy steel, allowing them to be moved numerously and at the same time remain in optimal condition.

We offer a completely automated, mobile locker system that is used in numerous applications all around the world.

We focus on smart and innovative applications in which the locker is used as a starting point in a broader servicemodel.

We offer the possibility to become our partner. We always look for a customized approach to join forces and strengthen each other.